Ahmed Elkhalifataha

Senior Manager

//Ahmed Elkhalifataha
Ahmed Elkhalifataha

Ahmed Elkhalifataha is an M.B.A. with international work experience including, Oman Development Bank, Ahl Investments and Promotion Management and US Bank in Rochester, MN. During his fourteen years at Oman Development Bank, Ahmed worked in several positions, such as Credit Officer, Project Analyst, Branch Manager as well as an auditor for projects and loans for systems and controls. Ahmed was a founding member of Ahl Investments and served as the development lead for five years. His projects included hotels, tourist, private schools and universities, private clinics, as well as industrial projects. Ahmed also provided and set joint ventures such as Oman and Korea Chemical industries.

In 2002 Ahmed began working for US Bank in Rochester, MN, he was employed there for eleven years while simultaneously developing several transportation companies and small businesses.  Ahmed also assisted in the development of several projects overseas.

In early 2013 Ahmed joined Oxford Management and has been an exceptional asset to the company. Ahmed’s contributions include the planning of several projects such as, First Avenue Suites, the 100 First Avenue Food Court and a Destination Center.